A letter Greg Received from a customer...

Sold Home in Murrells Inlet

For my family and myself, I would like to let you know of the help offered by your team, most notably Eric Hughes.  This is a bit of a sob story so please bear with me.  My Mother passed away a week before we were to close on her home and move her closer to family on May 29, 2011.  The day before her death she was told that the closing may need to be delayed due to the fact that a title could not be produced for her modular home.  The Realtor knew she was very anxious about this transaction.

(House had been on the market over a year), She also knew that my brother and I would be flying in to pack Mom up and move her within the week.  The risk of the sale not going through was frightening for my Mother.  She died that night with a glass of wine and her rosary beads in hand from a massive heart attack.

When we arrived to bury her vs. move her near us, we discovered that the situation was not easy to resolve.  During that week we made many trips to Georgetown and contacted Columbia.  We were very disappointed with the lawyer and Realtor and left without resolution.  The deal fell through since we could not product a title.

The home sat empty for a year before we received a postcard from Harrelson Realty.  My husband contacted your office and Eric responded.  To be perfectly honest I truly did not care if the home never sold since it had such difficult emotions attached.  My only motivation was my parents' memory and the lovely neighbors who did not deserve an empty deteriorating property pulling down their real estate value.

If I tell you, Eric - who never met me, never knew my Mother - had no knowledge of the background, but took ownership of the situation and managed the burden as though it was his.  This deal represented an insignificant commission.  I have sold property in Manhattan, for well over one million dollars, where I never experienced this level of caring and service.

We were told the property had mold, so Eric brought in a contractor who evaluated and ultimately did required maintenance to make the property attractive to a buyer.  Eric stayed on top of the work and kept me in the loop.  He also recommended an attorney who supported me through the title issue (which turned out to be merely getting to the right person).

The property closed last month.  I have just completed the distribution to my brothers and we can finally put my Mom to rest.  we have been holding onto her ashes because we did not have closure.

My business is Customer 1st Performance, LLC. We provide learning and tools to help improve the customer experience.  Caring is the winning formula and you have it with Eric.  He did not care for me as a customer he cared for me and my Mom as though we were family.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Deb Harrington