Today, I'm going to address one of the most popular questions that we get is when is the best time to sell my home? 

Here's the simple truth. Many sellers out there, and even a lot of data that you read out there when you look at somebody's blogs and some of this information that's out there will tell you spring, summer is the best time to sell your home. Now, that is true in a sense. We do get more traffic in the spring and summer, there are more buyers out there looking, and there is more traffic during that time, but it's a lot deeper than that. When I look to selling a home, I want to make sure that I'm very clear on what the seller is looking to accomplish, what your goals are, what your motivation is, what kind of timeframe you have. All these different variables come into play when I help them make a decision on when the best time to sell.

What we look at is what the competition is and your neighborhood, what the competition is in your zip code, what the competition is in the overall market for homes in the price point of what your home is. Now to me, that's a lot more important than what time of year it is. Myrtle Beach, I've been here 31 years and year after year, it's becoming more of a year-round type of place with this traffic just about every single month in a year. Now, granted, we do get a little bit of spike late spring, early summer, like every person out there thinks that that's the best time to sell a home, but frankly, when you look at the inventory, it also coincides with that. You see inventory rise about the same percentage as the amount of traffic that starts showing up. Just because there's more traffic here doesn't mean you're going to get the best price. To me, what's more important is what the competition is, the law of supply and demand, the less competition we have for your type of home, the more likely we're going to get a higher price for you. Any agent that knows what they're doing is going to look at a lot more variables than what time of year it is.

Be careful what you're getting into. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me. Just to recap, we're looking at a lot of data, we're looking the time of year is somewhat relevant, but more importantly, what the competition is for your type of home, what the traffic pattern is right now for your type of home, and most importantly, what your needs and wants are. Those are the things that I look at when it comes to selling a home. Any questions at all, please reach out to me, would love to be a resource for you and answer any questions that you might have.

Thank you.

Abe Safa

Century 21 The Harrelson Group