Ensuring that your house is in the best possible condition is an important step when it comes to selling. You will always get more money for your asset by presenting it in its best light. This remains the case whether you are selling with an agent or conducting the sale yourself. A perfect house maximizes profit! 

House Selling Checklist 


* Cleanliness

A clean house is an attractive house! Before opening your home to buyers, give it a deep and thorough clean. That means scrubbing all the dirt away, dusting every nook and cranny, shampooing the carpets, and polishing every window. 


* Tidy up 

Make the most of the space! Having clutter around the house can make rooms seem far smaller than they actually are. However, removing such items can open up the space and make the home seem more attractive.


* Staging

This is the art of making a space look open, attractive and organized. Many people hire professional stagers to arrange the room to its full potential. However, you can do this yourself too, with some even opting to repaint rooms to give them that fresh feel. 


* Pets 

Buyers should not be able to spot the tell-tale signs of pets. That means dog hair, the smell of a cat litter tray, and scratches on the carpet. Tidy up, vacuum, and arrange for the animals themselves to be elsewhere. * The power of light – Light sells houses, it’s as simple as that. Make sure that every single room in the house has ample light in order to improve the viewing experience. That means open curtains, turn on lights, and add lamps where needed. 


* Repairs

When we talk about repairs, we do not mean complete renovations. We are simply referring to the small cosmetic issues that stand out during a tour and can be easily remedied. 


* Exterior

The outside of the home creates the first impression. Think of it as the book cover. Therefore, you should make the most of this and make sure that the front garden/porch looks spotless, attractive, and eye-catching. * Valuables – Keep all valuables, money, private paperwork, medication and the like hidden/locked away during house tours.