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Sherry and Jim Hannigan, Myrtle Beach Realtors

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Sherry and Jim Hannigan 

Name: Sherry Hannigan
Phone:  (540) 809-4318

Name: Jim Hannigan
Phone:  (540) 809-6012

Why have 1 Realtor when you can have 2 for the price of one?

Jim has been a licensed agent since 1978 in Schenectady NY where he was born and raised. Sherry was also born and raised in Schenectady, but wasn’t licensed until 2002 in Fredericksburg VA.

Jim forwarded his license down to Virginia in 1997 where he specialized in new home construction. Sherry worked as an Executive Secretary for GE in Schenectady and then Kaeser Compressors in Fredericksburg before becoming a real estate agent. She quit her job in 2000 to work with Jim as his assistant in New Home construction. But decided to become licensed 2 years later.

In 2008, they went on to do General Real Estate in the downturn of the economy. In 2009, Jim became a Broker and opened his own real estate brokerage. He also holds a Class A Residential Builders license in VA.

Jim and Sherry have been working as a team for over 2 decades, with a combined 60+ years of experience in real estate. 

If experienced agents are what you are looking for, please let them help you sell your home or let them find you a perfect one.

Jim and Sherry Hannigan