Kenneth Doerrbecker

Kenneth Doerrbecker

(843) 447-0697

Century 21 The Harrelson Group

Hello! I am originally from Long Island, New York. In mid-2013, my mother and I moved to Myrtle Beach after many years of vacationing here. Having to adapt to almost year-round warmth after knowing only cold winds and snow was a huge change. Personally, I still find my closet to be a majority of sweaters and long-sleeved shirts! Still, I’ve come to love the Myrtle Beach area and its people.

Having moved at a young age, I’ve had plenty of time to learn the area and attend its schools. Graduating from the Academy for Arts, Science & Technology, I learned the importance of exploring not only your environment, but also yourself. As fate would have it, I fell in love with the idea of working for myself.

Working hard, achieving my goals, and being able to enjoy the rewards of my efforts - knowing I set everything myself - is a fulfilling experience.