Why Should You Hire a Buyer's Agent in Myrtle Beach?


Greg Harrelson explains the benefits of hiring a BUYER'S AGENT to represent you, as a buyer, instead of just using the seller's agency. There is a real benefit to having your own agent!

A seller is, of course going to be trying to get as much money from the sale of his home or condo in Myrtle Beach as is possible.  His agent is contracted and bound to represent HIM to obtain these goals.  You, as a buyer, hope to get as good of a deal when buying a home as you can find. Now who will be standing there watching your back when dealing with the seller, his agent, and his attorney?

Let Greg explain this in detail in this excellent and informative buyer's video!


Five Part Series of Buyer's Videos


Myrtle Beach Real Estate is on the Rebound | Why Hire a Buyer's Agent?

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