Myrtle Beach Realtors

Real estate in Myrtle Beach is a lucrative industry, but without guidance from a professional Realtor, it can be full of problems and costly mistakes. In today's market of foreclosures and short-sales, wonderful deals can be made. But many of the homes and condos in Myrtle Beach have HOA problems and large assessments due to the very situations that make them such a bargain.

The Best Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agency

The Century 21 Harrelson Group is a one-of-a-kind real estate agency in Myrtle Beach because we are constantly monitoring the market, watching for trends and noting the properties and problem areas to avoid.  Our founder, Greg Harrelson, spent ten years being coached by one of the nation's top brokers and career coaches.  He now trains and coaches his own team of agents, and this group represents some of the most knowledgeable real estate agents on the Grand Strand.  Our company mission is to give the most dedicated and experienced client services.  Meet each our fine team waiting to be your Myrtle Beach Realtor:

Greg Harrelson-Myrtle Beach Realtor
Greg Harrelson

Margaret McBride-Broker In Charge
Margaret McBride, BIC

Carrie Amick-Myrtle Beach Realtor
Carrie Amick
Jan Pitman-Myrtle Beach Realtor
Jan Pitman
Jill Powell-Myrtle Beach Realtor
Jill Powell
Vera Ianova-Myrtle Beach Realtor
Vera Ianova Gainforth
Vicki Valentin-Myrtle Beach Realtor
Vicki Valentin
 Richard Lewis-Myrtle Beach Realtor
Richard Lewis
John Lindstrand-Myrtle Beach Realtor
John Lindstrand
Ana Moore-Myrtle Beach Realtor
Ana Moore
Abe Safa - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Abe Safa
Brendon Payne-Myrtle Beach Realtor
Brendon Payne
Mitch Gainforth - Myrtle Beach RealtorMitch Gainforth Rene Fletcher-Myrtle Beach Realtor
Rene Fletcher
Anita Anthony-Myrtle Beach Realtor
Anita Anthony
Brian Yager - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Brian Yager
Renee Long-Myrtle Beach Realtor
Renee Long
Janine Frank-Myrtle Beach Realtor
Janine Frank
Mike Doody - Myrtle Beach RealtorMike Doody Darren Stack - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Darren Stack
Jeff Buehler - Myrtle Beach RealtorJeff Buehler Scott Weaver - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Scott Weaver
David Diaz - Myrtle Beach Realtor
David Diaz
Joseph E. Smith - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Joseph E. Smith
Efi Shahar - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Efi Shahar
Colleen Cornell - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Colleen Cornell
Mike Fiebernitz - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Mike Fiebernitz
Lori Sorensen - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Lori Sorensen
Joshua Carter - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Joshua Carter
Joel Barber - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Joel Barber
Karla Rupp - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Karla Rupp
Max Kilic - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Max Kilic
Gary Chen - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Gary Chen
Ryan Fletcher - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Ryan Fletcher
Dianne McClary - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Dianne McClary
Lori Lentz-Widner - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Lori Lentz-Widner
Chris-Zastawniak - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Carol Wallauer - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Carol Wallauer
Lori O'Malley - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Lori O'Malley
Wendy Howard - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Wendy Howard
Jenna Duntz - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Jenna Duntz
Kent Covington - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Kent Covington
Shannon Foley - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Shannon Foley
Dow Stanley - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Dow Stanley
Taylor Bossert - Myrtle Beach Realtor
Taylor Bossert