Appeal Your Horry County Tax Assessments

Myrtle Beach Propery Tax Evaluation and Appeal Info

From Greg Harrelson, October 2011 -

Most of you should have received your Myrtle Beach / Horry County tax assessor's property tax bill by now. If you are like me, you will look at the amount first and then scan the form in search of the assessed value of the property. As you already know, the assessed value is the value that Horry County uses to calculate your tax payment.

During this property tax period, many property owners consider submitting an appeal in an attempt to lower their tax expense. In today's real estate market, anything you can do to decrease your expenses has its benefits. Some of you may recall last year about this time when I offered to forward you the proper paperwork and property value report to help you submit an appeal. I heard from many of you that said your appeal was approved and you saved a significant amount on your tax bill. I am receiving a lot of calls requesting appeal information again so I thought I would announce that I am providing the same service, FREE OF CHARGE, just like last year.

I have already contacted the Horry County Tax Assessor's office and have the current appeal forms and instructions as to which sales they will consider and which ones they will not consider.

If you feel you would benefit by submitting a tax value appeal, please EMAIL US the following information.

1. Name
2. Property Address
3. Building name or community name
4. How many bedrooms and baths

The information above will allow us to give you an accurate market value report which is needed when you submit your appeal. Remember, not everyone will be approved, yet you are guaranteed to keep the same tax bill if you do not make the attempt. I recommend anyone who feels their assessed value is too high to submit a request.

You might also want to watch the following Tax Appeal Video below that I recorded yesterday. This may answer a few of your questions and add clarity to the tax appeal process.

We are prepared for a lot of you to take advantage of this service. Again, there is NO charge for this information, I just hope you will continue to see me as your preferred Myrtle Beach real estate resource.

Dont forget to watch this short video to help you understand more about Horry County's Tax Assessments and the tax appeal process.

In addition, the Myrtle Beach home selling market is extremly active this month, so if you or anyone you know is even thinking of selling then please contact us immediately. We may be able to help get it sold faster than usual.