Myrtle Beach Real Estate February 2018

Greg Harrelson - C21 The Harrelson Group

Myrtle Beach Real Estate Update – 2017 Recap

One month into the new year and real estate sales are taking off. As a company, we put more properties under contract this month than we have in a long time.

We are seeing strong signs of a very active market and I think we are going to get higher prices for our listings in the first quarter than we did last year.  

Positive Signs of today’s Real Estate Market: 

The average days it takes to sell a property has decreased recently. 

In most buildings or communities, there are fewer properties for sale. Lack of competition gives us a better chance to get a high price. 

Internet traffic has increased: We are working with more qualified buyers right now than we were last year. 

Mortgage rates still remain affordable; attracting more buyers to the market. 

Consumer confidence is higher, which promotes buying second homes and condos.  As I promised, I have a comprehensive real estate report for you to review. This report is the RECAP of the 2017 Real Estate Activity

I think you will appreciate the detail of this report, AND you should be happy that most of the data is positive. In a nutshell, your real estate is doing well. 

Find out what is going on in your market: 

Click here for a PDF download of our Myrtle Beach Real Estate – 2017 Annual Report 

Let us know if you need anything. We would love to earn your business. 

And, don’t forget that we take the stress out of listing a property by offering you an Easy Exit Listing Agreement. Ask us how it works! 

Thank you for allowing us to be your real estate resource. 

~Greg Harrelson