Myrtle Beach Real Estate December 31, 2017

Greg Harrelson - C21 The Harrelson Group

The End of 2017 - A Huge Selling Month

This was the most active December I have ever seen in my years in Myrtle Beach real estate.

It seems like 2017 went by faster than ever. I thought we were going to be able to take some time off for the holidays, however, this December was one of the busiest I have ever experienced.

We negotiated multiple contracts this month. As a company, we sold nearly 100 properties this month alone. That’s a lot of buying and selling around the holidays. 

I believe that we are going to see one of the best 1st Quarters in 2018 that we’ve seen in years. I don’t have a crystal ball yet the buyer traffic on our websites has skyrocketed, which is an early indicator that we will be scheduling a lot of appointments to show property. 

If you have any thoughts of selling, please give me a call immediately. We have buyers waiting for certain properties to hit the market, so we may be able to help you sooner than you think. And, because buyer demand has been high and inventory has been low, you may not have to negotiate off your price. 

I know you are just getting through Christmas and thinking of the New Year, but I want to help you get a jump start on the market if indeed you are thinking of doing something in 2018. 

Please drop us a quick email or give us a call if there is anything that we can do for you. 

BTW: I will be sending a complete 2017 Myrtle Beach Real Estate Recap within the next few weeks so you can see how your real estate holdings are doing.

Happy New Year!

~Greg Harrelson