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Hurricane Irma Update

I know how stressful it can be to watch the national news and here about a massive hurricane hitting the east coast. As usual, I want to keep you posted as to what is going on along the Grand Strand.

This is the last update from Ed Piotrowski with WPDE, a local news channel. Most of the Grand Strand has escaped the hurricane with little damage.


9-12-17 Tuesday 1 AM - Ed Piotrowski -


Last Irma Update, Tuesday 1am

This is the last update we will put on the site - From Ed's Facebook Page:

1am - Winds continue to slowly come down. Now gusting less than 30 mph almost everywhere. The tornado threat is almost zero and will be in the next hour.


Jose is a major hurricane (category 3) with maximum sustained wind of 115 mph. It's expected to spend the next 7-10 days looping in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. It does not appear to be a threat to the United States, but we'll monitor this storm until it's absolutely zero. Swells from Jose will keep our rip current risk elevated over the next week.


You can tell today is the historical peak of hurricane season because we have another tropical wave coming off the coast of Africa. This area of disorganized showers and storms is several hundred miles southeast of the Cabo Verde Islands. Some gradual development is possible over the next few days.


IMPORTANT ISSUE – Flood Insurance

Most of you are unaware of Flood Insurance Issues that we have along the coast. You may want to read below and take action on immediately.

Here is a link that discusses a lot of issues we have and why we need Congress to renew the National Flood Insurance Program. This program assures that we have carriers to provide insurance, helps us keep the costs down, as well as many others issues we would have in the event the program does not exist.

NAR Flood Insurance Portal 

The National Flood Insurance Program is set to expire at the end of this month and the last time this happened, we saw insurance rates go through the roof.

Please click the link the below and review the information. You will want to fill out your information and click submit. This will send a message to our Congressman that we want him to fight for renewal so our insurance doesn’t get out of control.

Reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program 

I apologize for such a long update this time but I think we have a lot of issues that need to be addressed.

I will be around all week working to get homes and condos sold as well as keeping you updated as to what is happening with the hurricane.