Myrtle Beach Real Estate March 2013

Greg Harrelson - C21 The Harrelson Group

The real estate market is AWAKE!

We have been discussing the improving real estate market for a long time now. As you know, I do not make many speculative statements because it could be misleading. I do feel comfortable saying, "The market is on the move!" I do believe this will be the best year for those selling a property than we have seen since 2007. Here are a few things that I am seeing in the market right now:


New Market Signals

  • In most buildings and neighborhoods...Supply is Lacking.
  • As you know, we are very aggressive at marketing our listings for sale - Because of this, we now have buyers waiting for certain properties to be listed so they can make an offer. Buyers are making better offers faster.
  • There is a new type of buyer that has now entered our market... "The Boomerang Buyer" - You will start to hear this term all over the news in the next few months. The "Boomerang Buyer" is that buyer that sold via the short sale process a year or more ago and is now back in the market ready to buy again. I recorded a quick video to explain more about this. You will be surprised to know what they are doing.

  • If you look around, you should notice all of the construction that is taking place right now. We don't see any cranes on the ocean front yet we are seeing new developments popping up everywhere. As a matter of fact, there have already been more building permit requests YTD then there have been in whole years in the recent past.

On a positive note, it is good to know there is a strong buyer demand which can support this new construction yet it would be better if we could reduce some of the resale inventory before this takes place. That is wishful thinking...the builders are back and they are dumping on the supply.

This is a great time to re-evaluate your local real estate strategy. No matter if you are going to sell this year or not, this is the time where you look at your options and determine your short term and/or long term goals. Every one of us are in a different position financially and that should be the driving influence as to how we navigate through the next few years. Maybe selling is the right thing and maybe it is not. We do know that getting information as to where you stand right now is important. Knowledge is Key!

I have a great tool that will allow you to get a Property Value Report delivered to you monthly. You enter your property details and it will send you a list of what has sold, been listed, pending in your community and more. A lot of my friends use this just to see what their neighbor is asking for their property. Click below to get your reports. I can assure you will love the details and if you do not like it then you can easily turn it off. PROPERTY VALUE REPORT

We have been waiting for this market for a long time. Let us know what you need from us in order to plan out your real estate strategy. We are here for you and I appreciate you allowing the Harrelson Group to be your Real Estate Resource.

Greg Harrelson & The Harrelson Group