Efi Shahar - Myrtle Beach Realtor

Efi Shahar, Myrtle Beach RealtorEfi Shahar, Myrtle Beach Realtor

email: Efi@mbrealestate2020.com

Cell Phone: (843) 455-1151 

Toll Free Number: (888) 874-2121 
Office Number: (843) 903-3550


 I have lived in Myrtle Beach for over 25 years and love calling it home!  I come from a family of entrepreneurs, which has helped me tremendously in my real estate career.

Real estate and helping people has always been my passion so there is nothing else I'd rather do, I truly enjoy every minute.

I am also a board member of the DRC, this gives me a unique opportunity to be involved in the community, the DRCs mission is to redevelop and revive the south end of myrtle beach.